Easy DIY Striped Ottoman

Hey Everyone!!
I'm here today with a little DIY Home Decor. 
I was in Wally World and came across these 2 blue and white home decor fabrics. 
Both were about $5 per yard, so I purchased 2 yards each. 
I didn't know what I was going to do with them until I walk into my living room and noticed how dirty my pillows were from the family laying on them. So, I had 1 fabric spoken for, then I needed another. I had forgotten right behind the wingback chair was and ottoman that was pushed under the desk. Bingo, we find another project.  

Here's the dirty old ottoman that's in need of love..
Don't judge me, we've been having this thing about 10 years.
He really needed to be put out of his misery but I wanted to try and breath new life into him.

I took about 3 hours to measure, cut, sew and iron.
I measured the very top adding about an half inch all around, 
the top of my ottoman is 28 x 22.

The fabric comes folder in half, I used about 28 inches of the folded half to make the top.
After cutting the top, I then cut the remaining fabric along the fold to make 2 separate pieces. 

I then put the 2 pieces faces each other with the stripes matching.
Like below.. 

Pin the fabric together and sew.

It's not perfect but it will due just fine..
I then sewed the other end making a complete circle.

I put the circle fabric all around the ottoman not knowing what to do.
I first wanted to put pleats all around the ottoman but didn't have enough fabric.
So, I settled for a pleat right before each corner.
Sew together top to skirt, hem the bottom and iron.
There you have it.. 

Closer Look!!

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