Williams Sonoma Haul and Review

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with a different post this time. 
I told you all I'm trying to change it up all little. 
This time it's a review for 3 items I purchased from Williams Sonoma. 

First, let's talk about shipping.
Shipping was like not even 2 days. It felt as if I ordered it one day and the next day it was on my doorstep, Seriously.
Kudos to you WS!!!

Second, packaging was nice and everything was as it said it would be.

The first two purchases were for my hubby.
He loves Seafood and Grilling, so I wanted to give him a different experience and try new flavors on his grill.

The first item was a Himalayan Pink Salt Plate w/Holder.
It's such a beautiful rock, it's hard to believe that you can cook on it and even use it as a chiller.
Yes, keep things cold. 
Just pop in the freezer for a couple of hours and add you fruit. 

The picture doesn't do it justice. It's a pretty piece of pink salt and substantial in size.

We were a little skeptical about it but went head first in trying it. I must say it turned out great as you can see in the pictures below..

First, you heat the block on the stove for a couple of minutes, then you transfer it to the grill. 
Leaving it on the grill for about 15 minutes. 

While the block was heating I seasoned my seafood.
I know your asking, if it's a slat plate why does she need seasoning. 
I'm for the south and we cook with all kinds of seasoning.
I used Tony Chachere Seasoning for my Seafood all the time..

To make sure it was ready, I just sprayed a little water and if it sizzled it s ready.

You actually hear the searing as soon as place the seafood on the block.

This next picture was about 4 minutes and me turning the shrimp over.

We purchased about 2 lbs. of shrimp and a half of slab of salmon.
It took the salmon a little longer, all about 20 minutes. 
It really depends on the thickens of your salmon.

Don't they look great, they taste great too.. 

This is the ending results of the salmon.
OMG!! Delicious..

The Second item I purchased was a Cedar Plank of grilling.
I'd had Cedar Salmon Plank dishes in restaurants and always wondered how it was done. 
So I when I saw it was at WS, I had it purchase it.

I must say, another great purchase. 
I really think I like this better than the salt because of the cedar smell and taste.
This is highly recommended and it didn't cost alot of money.
Picture below is putting it on the grill.

And after about 25 minutes here it is..
This was soo tasty. 
Just remember you have to soak your planks for an hour before you grill them.

Third and final review is my Bell Glass Monogram Cloche and Marble and Wood Cake Stand.

I must say that this is the piece you'd want at every party or family gathering. 
It presents beautifully and together stands about 19 inches high from top to bottom.
I can't wait to show it off, LOL..
I feel so Martha Stewart-ish...
I looked on the website and see it's on sale, so you need to run and get it. 

Hope you like my review.
If you like me to review or make anything using more items just leave it in comments below.. 

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I'm happy to have you..

Until Next Time..


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