DIY Silhouette Striped Dress...

Hey Everyone!
I'm here today with a DIY for you.
A Silhouette Dress that is.
I've always wanted to teach myself how to make one for myself.

First of all, I must think that I'm bigger than want I am because this dress was about 2 sizes bigger than I actually needed, lol.. So, needles to say there will be a lot for cutting and taking in on the dress and on the pattern, other that the dress came out beautifully..

I used a thick knit scuba fabric from Wally World I had this fabric about year an a half. I purchased this material for about $2.00 per yard. I should have gotten more than 3 yards but I don't like to be greedy, LOL.

I traced this dress I purchased from Venus last year. 
This dress is soo sexy and sweet, all the same damn time.
It gives you body, ody, ody to the gods.. 
Click on the link below to purchased. 

So that had my thinking, trace the dress and try to make a Silhouette Dress. 

After tracing the dress, I placed the stripes in front horizontal and side front vertical... 

Another view...

Always label your patterns.

Sew both sides together. 


I traced both back and front dress to make neckline lining. 

Neckline after sew lining on the inside of dress..

As you can see the bottom picture of the lining inside of dress..

Back lining inside..

All Done...
I hope you like, comment and subscribe to my blog.. Next week, I post another silhouette dress that I've altered and changed the neckline.. 

Until Next Time.....


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