Toddler Bomber Jackets

Hi Everyone!!!
I'm back with another project for someone soo special to me and that someone is 
She's growing up so fast....
A year and a half already...

My baby looks soo cute.

You know sometimes, I don't feel like sewing for myself.
I'm try not to be soo selfish and start sewing for the girls.
I try to save scraps of my old projects to make her cute little tops, leggings and dresses.
I love making quick and cute things for her.
She's my Ray of Sunshine and I just want to make everything for her until she gets grown and starts to tell me she doesn't like it, that will break my heart..
But I digress, so until that very day I will keep sew the cutest, frilliest, daintiest, girliest and shiniest things I can sew.

Now let me get off my soap box and start shows pictures...

I was my computer and came across the cutest little girl with coolest Bomber Jacket on.
So I click on the photo and it lead me to the blog below.
When I saw free pattern, I almost out of my chair and knew exactly what material I wanted to used..

Sew a Little Sew Blog

 Go onto Sew a Little Seam website above and print out the bomber jacket.
 It's sew cute how she has her blog name on the pattern..

Follow the instructions and your good to go.
I used an old grey ponte I had from past projects and the sequin was from an old cocoon jacket I made but never wore.

Sew both fronts and back together by the shoulders.
Then add the sleeves.

Added the cuffs.

I didn't like the line in the sequin but there was nothing I could do about it..

Walmart only had a 24 in. jacket zipper, that meant I took pliers and pulled each tooth out one by one. 

Added the bottom waistband 

Measured the zipper, cut it and sew it on.

Like this...

As you can see I added the cutest embroidery bow patch to jushe it up. 

She couldn't stop with that zipper, LAWD!!

Here's the back view from both sides.
I had to take them quick, she was not in the mood.

I loved it soo much, I had to make her another one with leftover Ankara fabric I used to make Simplicity 8810 and quilted black fabric from a vest I tried to make but didn't have enough binding, see below.

Click link below picture to view blog on the Ankara Duster.

She loves that damn jacket soo much, she could keep her hands off of that
zipper. She didn't want to take if off, I think it's because of the vibrant colors.

I was proud of that pocket.
It was my first time making a welt pocket.
Seriously, it took 2 hours and about 8 YouTube Channels to make this, LOL..
              No Joke!!                 

It was worth the time and effort, I'm proud of myself.

I hope you've enjoyed the post.
Feel free to like, subscribe, and comment. 
Tell me what you think about both Bombers and what other fabrics would look try.

 Until Next Time....


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