My "Hubby's Garden"

If you guys have read my "Get to know me", I did tell you that my husband has a garden that he loves dearly. Well on the post I'll be showing you the all of his beauty herbs, veggies and fruit that his has worked so hard growing.. 

Welcome to my "Hubby's Garden"

My Hubby in his Garden all organic... 

These are beautiful nectarines my hubby grew, we also had beautiful peaches.

They are big as your fist.

Beautiful Sage, 
we have about 3 other section filled with it.

Rosemary is so beautiful and smells fantastic

Even his grapes are growing strong

Can't wait to make a salad with the baby tomatoes

Mints leaves are lush and aromatic..

Maybe making a Chicken dish with the thyme..

We didn't get alot a strawberries but they were tasty..

His prize possession is this Bonsai Tree.

I'm still waiting on our corn, peppers, lavender, and a few other things.. 

Until Next Time..
Grow It Chic!!! 


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