The Good and The Bad of Sewing

Epic Fail! 
I told you all that I will be posting the GOOD and the BAD of my sewing. 
Well this is the "BAD". I had a yard of fabric left from pants I made a couple months back (below). I know I should have followed my first mind and made a short jumper but I wanted to do something different. I will never ever wear this out of my home, I'm only wearing this to bed.

Of Course, I put 2 patterns together..

View A 
View I 

I knew I didn't have enough of fabric to do the top the right way but I thought that if I'd take my time and go slow, that it would turn out OK. 
It looks decent from afar but close up "EPIC FAIL".. 
Close View 

Back is uneven and front of skirt is A MESS.. Those corners kicked my butt.. 

Back View

I made these pants a while back and I love the fit. I used Simplicity 2061.. 

View B

Nile says, Hey!!!! She loves it.. 

Until Next Time..
Sew It Chic!!!!


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