Sunday's Dinner Crab Cakes

 I made these crab cakes before and had request for the recipe.
I wanted something light for Sunday because last week we ate really hardy.. 
It looks so complicated but really easy to make (I promise). Once you make these, they will be a staple in your summer quick, easy and light dinner, brunch or lunch.. 

As you can tell I'm not a "brand whore". I feel that Walmart or off brands foods are just as good.. 

1 Row of Buttery Crackers 
3 Long Onions
A Can of Lump Crab Meat
1 Cup of Mayo
1 Egg
1 Packet of Old Bay Crab Cakes Mix
1 Tablespoon of Crushed Garlic
Seasoning to your taste.. 
I like the Old Bay Blackened Seasoning
Onion Powder


Put Buttery Crackers in Ziplock bag when crushing to keep things a little cleaner. 

See alot cleaner.. 

Combine all ingredients. 

How Pretty!!

Make patties with Crab Cake mixer..

Put skillet on medium heat, add butter and olive oil.

Cook until golden brown.
Turn and brown the other side..

Aioli Time!!!

1 Cup Mayo
Half of Lemon
1 Tablespoon Garlic
2 Tablespoon of Dijon
Louisiana Hot Sauce to Taste
S\P to taste

Put fresh green salad on plate.

Place Crab Cakes on greens, then put a dollop of Aioli on each Cake.
Garnish with lemon (optional) 
There you have it!!
I'm going to have to cook tomorrow, there's only 2 left...
I'll take it as a compliment..

Until Next Time..
Sew it Chic... 


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