Easy and Delicious Strawberry Shortcake

 I remember my Aunt Marie making these in her kitchen.. 
Brings back so many memories..
I don't skip dessert on Sunday. So in a matter of minutes, I whipped up this easy Strawberry Shortcake.. 
I think everybody and their Grandmother has made these.. 
I just gave it my own twisted..

Dessert Shells
Whipped Topping
Half Cup of Sugar

Cut strawberries up, put in bowl, sprinkle sugar on them, and macerate to bring out the strawberries juices. Put in Fridge for about 30 minutes.. 

Like This!!

After 30 minutes, all sugar should be dissolved and it look really juicy

Put a little vanilla in Whipped Topping (delicious)

Plate you dish and Enjoy!! 

Until Next Time...
Sew It Chic...


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