Vacation Pictures of the Family!!!

Well vacation was fantastic and now it's time to get ready for school, plus prepare for major project for me.
We had to cut the vacation short due to my hubby's work, but 4 days was enough just to relax and getaway.
We decided on Corpus Christi, TX, Padre Island.

We decided to go with a Townhome instead of a hotel.
I highly recommend getting a rental on the Island.
It's easy to access the beautiful beach..

View Townhome

We were located right on the lake, Kayaks were also available. 

At night we'd sit out here and look at the fish jump out of the water..
So Cool!!

Mo looking at the Lake

So Pretty!

Girls in the pool..

The Townhome was Fantastic..
Just enough room for the 4 of us..
This is a picture of it on our way out.. 

Stairs to loft

Loft bedroom

Both bathrooms were nice..

 As soon as we hit the door, guess what happened?
Mo went to sleep..
As you look through the pics, this was an on going thing..

After the dead had risen, we went to "make grocery".
 (New Orleans term)

HEB plus, had the greatest things. They actually had a Sushi Bar and I mean workers making them for you right on the spot, Cheese Bar, Bread Artisan's, etc..
We picked up a couple of things and stocked our fridge well for our 4 day stay..

The Townhome was located right across the street from the beach. All we had to do was pack our snacks, juice, beer, towels, blanket and we were ready to play..


On the 2nd day, we just didn't feel like being at the beach. Nile's toe was cut, Laila was in her teenage-feelings, Mo thought it was too many people an I wasn't feeling it because they weren't feeling it...
So we packed it up and went to dinner.

Well as you can tell, they felt better at dinner..

So Beautiful!!

So we tired it again the next day and it was a BLAST!

My Three Amigos

She's such a ham....

Mommy, post this on your blog..

My Thinker!!

The Twins!!

All Day!!!

My feet needed sun!

Not Again!!



It was soo nice, I had to put the camera down and take a dip..


I don't know what I'm doing!!

And we're off!!

All packed up and ready to go..

She wanted Deer Jerky, so she got Deer Jerky..

They didn't like the Star Buck's, Cotton Candy Frapp, they said it wasn't better than my DIY one on the under the tab drinks, but as you can see she's halfway done..

We had a fantastic time together on our little Va-K..
I'm so happy to share these pictures with you of our journey..
Hope you like the pictures..

Until Next Time..... 


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