Flavored Butters\ Compound Butters

I love doing new and interesting things..  
I made these Tuesday night and wanted to share the recipe with you all to maybe spice up your dinners for the family.. 

Most "Foodies" know these as Compound Butters but for the newbies, I'll call them Flavored Butters... 

And We're Off!!


3 Sticks of Margarine 
1/2 Stick Real Butter
Any Herbs from your garden
Other Seasoning
Olive Oil
Wax Paper 
Storage Box (for the freezer)

Combine all Herbs, Seasoning and Olive Oil in your food processor.  

Chop to a fine consistency.. 

Add Margarine and Butter

Blend, blend until all ingredients are combined 

 Place Flavored Butter on Waxed Paper 

When finished rolling twist sides of waxed paper like a Tootsie Roll.


Until Next Time..
Sew It Chic!!!!!!


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