Cynthia Rowley's Simplicity 2584

Hi Everyone!
I just finished another Simplicity 2584 by Cynthia Rowley w/o  a zipper. 
From now on, I won't be adding any zippers to this tunic dress, it just isn't called for..
It's just like the previous dress I made like this one, minus the maternity part.

This is my modified maternity Tunic dress.

It's been cut-out for a minute, I just wasn't in the mood for sewing. 
Now I seem to have my mojo back,
I'll be doing alot more..
I purchased the fabric from Wally World for about $3.00 per yard and followed the same pattern.

Here's the side view!!

Front Panel View

I also added pockets.
Gotta have my pockets..

Back view

Close Full View of Top..

Until Next Time...
Sew It Chic!!


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