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Homemade Plain and Flavored Yogurt...

Hi Everyone!!
My family and I love yogurt but it can a be a bit expensive for good Greek yogurt,
 so I decided to try to make it on my own..
It can out great, my hubby eat almost all them in a night..
I actually had to hide a couple from him.. 
LOL! Seriously HIDE!! 

They taste soo good and great for you because you know what's in them..

To make the fruit at the bottom, you'll need any fruits you like.
We choose Strawberries and Blueberries with about 1/4 cup of sugar..

Put all in a little sauce pan and heat until berries and sugar are combine.

Let cook for about 10 mins. 
Now with a blender or handheld blender puree berries.
Cook until thicken. maybe 5 minutes.

Transfer jelly to cleaned and sanitized mason jars. 

View from the bottom

I also added honey for my hubby.. 
We like to get it for Farmer's Market on our travels.

Now let's get to the Yogurt..
You're gonna need:

6 Cups of Milk
3 Tablespoons of Yogurt ( I used the whole cup of that yogurt)
1 Cup of Powered Milk
Candy Thermometer

Heat milk up in a large pot until it comes to a boil, then let cool until it's 100 degrees.
(While milk is heating put oven on 200 degrees.)
Add yogurt and powder milk to milk, whisk together until all is combined.

Pour mixture into the mason jars and place on or in pan.. 

Place all in 200 degrees oven and close it..
Turn off oven and let sit for 10-12 hours.
Seriously, 10-12 hours.

Final product after refrigerated a couple of hours..

Soo Good!

Same consistency as store bought yogurt..

Flavored ones are the best, Too me!!

Close View of the Berries!

I hope you try my recipe and make some of your own.

Until Next Time...
Make it Chic.....


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