Hi Everyone!!!
I know today is Thursday, Throw Back Thursday that is..
I've officially claimed it as Sew-Back Thursday..

Here's a few pictures of garments that I've sewn in 2012. This is the time when I really started showing my work and feeling good about it.
I have certainly come a long way baby..

I purchased this fabric from Walmart and loved it soo much.
I used a Dana Buchman's shirt to trace, mind you, I didn't know how to read patterns or have a dress form.

I was soo happy with my dress form my hubby bought me. I started teaching myself how to read patterns. I was on YT all day and night..

I love this skirt soo much, she looks fabulous on me too.
Sad, I have yet to wear my skirt anywhere.
Walmart Fabric

I made this beautiful lady for my mother for Mardi Gras.
She loved it. I think I'm want to make her another for next year..
Walmart Fabric

Another Walmart great find.
This was a maxi skirt but being that I'm short, I looked crazy as hell in it.
So I repurposed it and made this lovely creature.
Only wore it once.

Close View

Walmart Fabric, you see the theme..
I love Walmart fabric..
My very first "real" jumpsuit..
Never worn, ever.. She fits beautiful too..
This is the actually first time I've ever put two patterns together.

Close view of front side..

Close view of front..
Girl, I thought I was really doing something.

My first wrap dress ever made..
I couldn't wear it but inside because my "girls" wouldn't stay inside.
I didn't measure enough for the 34F's..
I used her as a robe, fabric from

Close View

I made this for my girlfriend and she hated it. I thought she looked great it. 
So I kept it for myself. I love it on too, but have yet to wear it.. 

Close view
As I look as the picture I see alot of flaws, so I understood completely..

Thanks for going down memory lane with me..

Until Next Time..
Sew It Chic..


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