DIY 6 Maternity Garments for $40

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with a post to show you that with just $40 worth of fabric you can create some great pieces to fit into with your current maternity wardrobe..

Looking through Pinterest and other sites, I came to the conclusion that I'm going to have to make my own maternity clothes. I purchased all of the material from Wally World and the total was about $40 for 9 yards of fabric, so each garment I made was about $6.00 a piece give or take some change.
I made 2 shirts, 2 dresses, 1 skirt, and 1 jacket.
Not Bad At All..

I purposely had a plan going into Wally World knowing I needed something easy, stretchy of course and inexpensive.

First, I bought the 3 pieces for $29.31 on 10/12/16, then went again on the 15th and purchased the darker grey.

Here's a picture of all of all the pieces I made.
I had a half of yard left of my dark gray fabric and made this pencil skirt, what a cute addition to the wardrobe.

As you all remember, this was the first Maternity shirt I made.
I'm so glad I made her, she can be dressed up and down. Black slacks, legging and pencil skirt.
Plus the vertical lines accentuate my belly.

 You all remember this dress.
$6.00, not bad at all..

You also remember these 2 pieces from the last post.
$12.00 for these 2 pieces, Come on..

I had enough of the blue and gray stripe to make the cutest maternity shirt.
I just traced a maternity shirt I already had and voila'...

Next post, I'll be making something with this Beautiful Faux Crocodile Leather I purchased from my local Wally World for $8.97 per yard..
Still Brain Storming on what to make.
Stay Tuned..

Well that's it for me, I hope you can see that with just a little money and innovation, you can create something Fabulous.. Please Subscribe, Comment and/or Share my blog..

Until Next Time..


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