Sunglass Case and Wallet Tutorial..

Hey Everyone!!
I'm back again this week for the other half of my tutorial.
Now it's the Wallet and Eye Glass Case..

I didn't want to put the tutorial on the previous bag I made, it would been extremely too long. I wanted to make things really short and sweet for you all..

Things Needed:
Faux Leather or Vinyl
Sew Machine
Velcro Circles
Fabric for lining (optional)
7" Zipper

I really wanted something different than your average sunglass case.
I got on Google Then I ran into the easiest  and coolest case from
She tells you the tools you need and gives you the Template.
I quickly made 2 copies of the template and cut the white (back) part, then cut the pink (front) part out.  

Templates are at the bottom make sure to click on it and print it 8 x 11 size on your paper..

She's Perfect!!

Trace the 2 pieces out of the faux crocodile.

Also, trace lining for both piece.

Sew both pieces together facing away from each other..

Sew both pieces to together.
Using the lines on the pattern as a guide..

All Done..
Now wasn't that easy.

Love it..

I trimmed along the eyeglass case to make it look a little neater.

It's my first time making this one, but I know I'll get better the more I make them..
I also added Velcro to keep the case closed.

Excuse the unraveling.
You won't be able to see it close..


I used an old medium sized trick or trick plate.
I don't really have the measurements because I was winging it.
But you can tell I didn't go all the way to the bottom.

I cut out 2  and went up 1" on both sides to create the notches.
It similar to my handbag tutorial.  

Basically, it's just like the Handbag.
You sew the notches on both lining and FC. 

I did the exact same thing with the lining, plus I made a pocket.

And sewed it onto the lining.

I then sewed the notches inside the lining.

Back should look like this.

I then sewed the FC and the Lining on the zipper.

This is how inside should look after pieces are sewn.

Inside of wallet.

Making sure you top stitch..

Now do the same for the other side of the wallet.

And there you have it..

Now, sew all the pieces together making sure that the FC fabric is facing each other.
Sew from zipper, on the side and bottom all round.

All done!!!

Inside of wallet and view of the pocket..
Some people sew the lining and bag separate, It's really not that deep to me.
No one is going to look inside and at the bottom of my bag but me..

She's all done..

I hope you like these 2 tutorials.
I'm not a professional sewer, I sew just for me to have a creative outlet.
I do all types of crafts and love cooking as well.
Some of my projects come out great and others not-so-great. LOL!
I try my best to give you the best instructions I can and if you have any question, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or question below.  

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Until Next Time....


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