The Look of Luxury..3 Piece Deluxe Faux Crocodile Leather

Hey Everybody...
I have an Handbag Tutorial for you all.
I know it's been a minute for the handbags but I just didn't find any inspiration.
Until Now!!

It's Called:
The Look of Luxury..

You really don't have to go out and buy expensive handbags to get the right look.
I just went to my local Walmart and Scored...
Wally World has done it again.

Handbag, Wallet and Eyeglass Holder
The picture doesn't do it justice..

First installment:
The Handbag..

Here's the bag on it's own..
She feels so substantial, just like my other semi-expensive handbags.
She's unlined because I made an insert for her.
I'm trying to stay organized and it's easier to just take the insert in and out than to have everything thrown in my new baby..

Wally World is the BEST!

The Faux Crocodile was $8.97 a yard and I purchased only 1 yard because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it..

Items Needed for this Tutorial
Sewing machine
Paper big enough to for a 18 x 15 to fit on..
3 Packs of 3/16" to 1" rings 
Cording about 1" thick
(Those can be purchased at Home Depot)
1 Yard of Faux Leather or Leather
And a lot of patience..  

Measurements of the Handbag: 
Width of the Bag is 18"
Height of the Bag is 1

Below is the fabric turn over. I wanted my pattern of each side of my Handbag to be symmetrical.

The pattern was fairly easy to make, I used the height and width of a bag I made already and used my French curve to make the pattern. I didn't want the handbag to be boxy and using the French Curve refined it a little.

After tracing out the pattern.

I cut the pattern out on the fold.

About 1/2" up from the curve, I measured about 2" up and 1" in between to make the notch that I'll be cutting out to make the bottom of the bag.

Both side are cute out.

Traced it on the back of the Faux Croc.

Then cut 2 out..
This is how much I have left after I made the bag, wallet and sun-glass case.

Enough to make another handbag. 
Lucky Me..

Take the notch, turn the front of the FC facing each other and sew.

It should look like this from the outside.

Both notches sewn together.

When both pieces are done.
Place FC facing each other, then sew all 3 sides, leaving the top open.

Here she is almost done..

Instructions for Strap Tassel and Long Strap as follow..

I measured mid back to the mid front of the purse.
Take that length measurement and cut that length and 1/2" wide piece of 
 FC, then fold in half lengthwise and sew down the side.
Put this aside until the end.

Make another 1/2" wide strap about 5" long and fold in lengthwise and sew side.
You'll be making the tassel with this one.

To make the tassel.
I cut a 6 x 4 piece of FC.

Measured 1" from the top.
Draw a line were both side meet.

Then carefully draw lines down the FC.
I know some aren't even but hey I'm not a professional..

Cut to the line, leaving that 1/2" untouched.

I went to Home Depot and picked up 3 packs of these rings for $1.77 each.
Not Bad!!!

Then wrap the smaller FC strap around the ring in 1/2.

Hot glue the strap to the tassel tightly the whole way.
Careful, not to get any glue on the top of the tassel.

And there you have it!
Put aside until the very end of this Tutorial.

Now for the handles.
Again same trip, went to Home Depot and found this cording the sell by the feet.
I purchased 4 feet of it, perfect size.
I used 2 feet for each handle.
I feel you should go and see the size that's more comfortable for you.
I went with 1 and 1/2" thick cording.

Again, I cut 2 FC straps out measuring about  2 feet long x 3" width and leaving about 3" for the top and bottom of strap.

Then sew the cording into FC as close as possible making sure you don't sew strap all the way to the end. You want to leave that 3" to sew to the ring that's attached to the purse itself.  
After you've sewn the strap trim the FC only wear you can see the cording, making sure it not too close to the sewn area on the strap. 
(I hope I'm explaining this right so you can understand)

If you need a little more explanation just leave a comment below. 

Like this.
Sew the handle across the top of the loop.

In this picture if you look close you can see where I stopped sewing and left the rest on the FC out to turn under and sew to the ring.

I cut 4, 4" long and 1" wide straps, curving the top.
These are going to be sewn to your purse.

Place the 4" straps in half around the ring and sew on handbag making sure you measured equal distance one all sides..

Like Below

Attach the strap to the Handbag.

Again make sure you measure the placement of strap and handles.

Pictures of the strap close up..

Not Bad..

Now we're about to attach the Tassel and Strap to the back of the Handbag..

Remember you made the tassel and a longer strap to attach to the handbag.

 Take the longer part tassel strap you made earlier, place a small section around the top of the tassel and sew it onto the top of the tassel ring.
Turn the bag to it's back, lie the longer strap in mid back of bag and sew strap to the back of the handbag.

And Your Done!!!

Close up of the tassel attached to the purse..

She's all done..

On my next post, I'll be doing a tutorial on the Sun-glass Case and Wallet.

I'll post those 2 Wednesday for everyone..

I hope you've enjoyed my Handbag Tutorial.

Please feel free to Share, Comment and/or Subscribe to my blog..

Until Next Time....


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