Checkered White and Black Pencil Skirt and Shirt

Hey Everyone!!!
I'm back with yet another black and white outfit. I can honest say, that I don't plan it that way. I literally don't sort after B&W material it just happens. I love all colors, well I'm not a red girl but everything else, I'm good with. I just gravitate towards B&W.

She's a lightweight Neoprene I purchased from I had no idea what I wanted to make because of its pattern but I wanted to really accentuate it more.

Love how it turned out..
Don't you??

I love how my neckline turned out.
It's more of a trapezoid than square.

View of the skirt with shirt pulled up..

Had to add those pockets..

I love the fit and feel of it..

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    1. Thank you, Thank you. It's a little "obsession" of mine. LOL..
      Thank you soo much for taking the time out, visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
      Next week, I'll be posting a pleated ponte' jacket.. Come back and visit. Thanks again


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