Girls Bedroom Series: Part 2 DIY Art

Hey Everyone!!!

Next Up, Wall Décor...
I've always wanted to make a pour paint painting for myself. But since we're making over my daughters room, I decided to take a chance and make them a pair.

I used acrylic paint in colors, black, yellow, white, a little glitter and 
purchased a paint conditioner called Floetrol, which was purchased at Wally World..

Mix each color in different cups adding paint conditioner and a little water to thin paint, then go for it.
Take each color one at a time in cup and pour onto canvas.

This is really sloppy soo make sure you've placed plastic under it if you don't
want it on your floor. 

Well, How do they look?
Nile really loves them..
She's so proud of her MOM..
I'm feeling like Superwoman with a Big M on my chest..

Until Next Time...


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