Inspired Office Chic Dress.. Modified McCalls 6035 & Silhouette Dress Pattern

Hey Everyone!!!
I took off a few months from work to spend time with family. Now it's time to get back into work mode. So, I'm on a mission to make a couple chic office outfits. There's an old saying that goes, "When you look good you feel good" and I want to feel Bossy when I return.

My inspired dress below is from New York & Company. I loved it the moment I saw her and knew I had to make a super chic version for myself.


I used the same silhouette pattern in my previous blogs.

 I cut out the shirt pattern using McCall's 6035 making a Blouse Dickie out of it..

After sewing silhouette dress together and 
before attaching the dickie, I measured how low I wanted the V-neckline. I sometimes open my neckline due to my 2 girlfriend. Opening open your neckline if you have large bust has a slimming effect, it lengthens the silhouette and directs the eye downward, it really does. Science, who knew???

Took it about 4 inches down from the original V. 

After cutting 4 inches..

Now, back to the blouse dickie..
Which was easy enough to put together.

Blouse dickie made to my specification.

Full Disclosure..
I promise you all, when I start projects, I'm determined do my best but sometimes I let. construction get the better of me an I get aggravated and confused. I just up the project to the side and I'm off to the next one until I'm confident enough to tackle the mountain in which I created for myself. It's just that the collar was the Bane of my Existence. I was perplexed on how I would sew the collar in the dress, me and my big ass ideas. Lawd knows I'm a sucker for a complicated design. My heart tells me I can do anything but actually putting it into motion, now that takes time. I not going to sugar coat it, I set this aside for about 10 months. I know, I know too long but look she's all done. I had to regroup and refocus and  love every bit of the results.

I also top stitched the V-neck to keep its structure. 

Closer look..

It's not perfect but
Sooo Happy with the results..

 I made a bubble sleeve like the inspiration picture.

Close up of the silhouette.

Back of dress.

From afar she looks great but still some imperfections that I could fix. We are our own worst critics but trust and believe, Taniell Atallah will be wearing this dress back to work flaws and all.. LOL

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