Girls Bedroom Series: Part 3 DIY Pillows..

Hey Everyone!!!
I'm back with another post on my girls bedroom design. Well, my husband and I frequently go to Wally World and browsing through the fabric section. On this day particular day I walk right passed it then turned my head to the right and in a split second. Like a child a running across the street without o any guidance. I was hit by this fabric. I was soo overjoyed, I couldn't stop talking to the lady who cut my fabric. She just smiled and nodded, she was probably thinking I was some crazy person. 

She $7 a yard and I only bought one.
If it was $30 a yard I would bought it too..
I wanted this material. It actually a home decor fabric just what I needed.

I looked into my stash at home and found these 2 quarter yard yellow fabric squares, plus the rope from Dollar Tree. 

Step one: Measure your rope by putting the fabric around it. I measured 3 inches..

Fold fabric the inches you measured then iron flat for a good cress. 

Cut each stripe for the piping.
Then place stripe fabric on eachother making an L. 

Sew a diagonal line on the stripe.

Now stretch out strip it should become a straight. 

Cut excess fabric off and iron flat.

After all pieces are sewn together, fold rope into fabric. Using a zipper foot, sew and close to the rope as possible.

Measure pillow desired size, cut out 2 same size. Cut 1 pillow piece in half width side. 
Fold in a half inch of fabric width side, iron and sew down.

Place piping on front of fabric making sure the actual piping itself faces inward.
Sew piping on the front pillow.
Cut corners to sew curves easy..

After sewing piping on front, place bottom 2 pieces on pillow faces eachother. Sew around pillow making sure you stay as close the the piping as possible.

Turn pillows inside out and you're done.

Up close pics..

They match perfectly with the girls room.

It looks perfect with the wall.

I hope you like this tutorial. 
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