DIY NO-Sew Bowties and Hair Bows

Hey Everyone!
I'm here with an easy DIY for the kiddos.
My youngest daughter is obsessed with bows, so one day she asked me to make more hair bows to add to her collect. You know as a mother and crafter, I couldn't say no, not to that face.. LOL!

Look at that face!!!
Isn't she cute......

You'll need fabric, glue gun, elastic, 8 x 10 piece of paper.

Measure 5 1/2 x 10 and divide in 4.
Measure 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 and divide long ways in 2.

Pin on fabric and cut out both pieces.

Divide into 4 and put pin were the middle is on the fabric.

Take glue gun and put on bottom and top edge of the fabric. 
Fold each glue edge to middle, be careful not to let it touch each other. 

Now turn length side and glue gun each end  

Fold length side and put pin in middle or you could just put a dot with a pin.

Fold and glue both length sides to middle of fabric.

Now turn to the  front and fold in half.
Put a little glue in center and fold on itself. 

Fold accordion style, making sure you glue it together. 

Take smaller piece and 

Glue gun sides toward middle like bigger piece.


Take elastic and measure neck or with shirt on 

Turn bow to back and glue elastic on back of the bowtie

Glue other side next or on top of elastic. 

Take smaller piece and wrap another elastic and bowtie.

Glue together.


With the hair bows, you just finish the bow without the elastic and glue a hairclip on back of bow..

Here's more bows I made for my darling..


It was sew easy I made 10 bows in less than 2 hours...

I hope you've enjoyed my Easy NO SEW Bowties Tutorial.

Until Next Time...


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