PR Season 14 Episode 11 Review.. The Runway's in 3D.

Hey Everyone!! 
I'd like to apologize to you all..
I'm soo over PR that I don't even want to do it anymore because or the mediocrities.
This is from last week and I'll be posting this week on Saturday night.
Very short and sweet..  

Please Forgive Me..

The Runway's in 3D!!

The designers had to meet Tim .

The designs had to design and Avant-garde garment inspired by 4 bridges in New York and use a 3D printed to make appliques to put on the garment.

Poor Ashley, I really was rooting for her until I saw how she placed those 3D appliques on it.. 
Ashley you have given up, so I'm  thinking your next to be sent home.. 

Candice with another Adam's Family inspired piece.. 

Edmond concept was nice but his execution was sub-par.
From the top to the waist was beautiful, the rest was confusing.. 

And speaking of confusing...     
I really don't understand when Merline says she inspired by Architect. I have yet to see it.. Oh Wait!  I have the only time in the very first episode and that was rough because it was unfinished..

Again she sits there in the sewing room Dazed and confused about what she's going to make.. Her construction of her clothes always seems unfinished and I don't see on inspired architectural design in              your garment at all.

When I first laid eyes on it I knew it looked exactly Kini's Rain Dress.


A mess!


Congrats to Kelly!!!!
Again !!!

Ms. Kelly surprises every week, I literally love how she take us on a journey through her eyes and show us how she thinks about her designs. I love that Kelly always open to criticism and is always growing..

I knew that Kelly was the winner  as soon as I saw her sew those little straps on the front and  side..
Beautiful Kelly!!

Congrats Again..

Short and sweet.

Until Next Time..


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