She's A Beast... Easy Leopard Pictorial..

Hey Everyone!!
I'm coming at you with an easy batwing "sweater" pictorial.
I'm not the kind of person to make anything under 2 hours, I love taking my time on a garment. 
I cannot tell a lie, I made this top under an hour and a half. 
You can wear her as a dress or a sweater. 

I'm in need of causal clothes, being a SAHM it's really easy to put on sweats and a T'shirt or even keep on my pajamas. I'm trying my best to get out of that rut and start making clothes for everyday. 
I don't dress up too much like I did when I worked, so now it's time for me to make SAHM Style.. 

The material I used was from, sorry guys it's not available anymore. 
I love the fabric and have only one bad thing to say. They said it was medium weight but it's more lightweight and you are going to have to put something under it. 
I still love it..

Sweater Knit Animal Cheetah

I just took a shirt I had in my closet and traced it, cut it out and sewn it all together. 
Easy Peasy!

I made cuffs for her 

And a easy neckline 

View of sweater batwing arm

Side view

View without accessory 

I hope you've enjoy my quick and easy pictorial.
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Until Next Time..


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