Sew Back Thursday... Finishing up...

Hey Everyone!!
I'm here with another SBT. Yes, Sew Back Thursday.. 
I had these in my closet for about 2 1/2 years. Yes, that's just how long it's been. I got a little frustrated with them because all of the unraveling. So politely took them off my machine, got a hanger out of my closet, hung their butts up and placed them on the back of the door. 
I glanced at them from time to time but just wasn't ready to deal. 
Plus, I fall out love with PEPLUMS a minute ago. 
I just don't like them anymore, but trust and believe I will wear the hell out of this set.

I told myself that I would get at least 2 garments finished a month. I know, I know your saying. 2 a month, that's not alot. Trust me it's alot or me because. I have about 10 or more garments to needs finishing, plus things in-between. 

Please forgive me.. 
My pattern matching wasn't up to par and still honing my craft.. 

Side view..

Top View of Outfit.. 

I purchased the fabric from Wally World, of course and used 2 pattern to make both pieces..
New Look 6130 View B
I used to love, love this pattern, but haven't used it in a long time.. 
I really recommend you trying it, especially for a beginners.  

I also used McCall's 5523 Pattern View B

I don't know if you can see the pleats but they look sew sassy on. 

Unfinished top.
It needed a the peplum and zipper.

Side panel
Peplum needs to be attached.

Peplum, this material really gave me the blues with all of the fraying.

Hemmed Peplum 

Tip from me, make sure you stay stitch to prevent from continuous fraying.  

All done, again sorry about the not matching patterns. 
Picture of back of the skirt..  

Also added the piping around the shoulders.

Close side view of outfit.. 

Another view of outfit..

Thanks for coming by and viewing my blog. 
I'm soo happy to have finished this and have this checked off the list. 
Please leave a comment, subscribe and share.. 

Until Next Time....


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