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DIY Faux Leather Tote Bag

Hey Everyone!
I'm back again with another DIY for you all.
I don't know what it is but I'm really starting to love making handbags, clutches, and totes.
I guess it's the faux leather that's inspiring me. 

Well this time, it's an easy Faux Leather Tote To Go!
It took about 2 hours to from start to finish.

This will definitely be my everyday purse when the girls school starts and running errands.
 The faux leather was purchased on for $7 a yard. 
I only purchased a yard but received almost 2 yards. 

 Looking at YT, again and I saw the cutest leather tote that I had to make.
First, I made a mini purse, just to see if I could so it.
Then I decided to make the larger version. It came out perfect.. 
My hubby even thought it was a new purse and didn't believe I made it.
He inspected it as many Arabs do and I just laughed.
He said. babe it's really nice.


I'm calling her Jordan.
 I don't know why, it just came to me. 

The tutorial came from the video below, again I made a change with the straps because I didn't like how straps came out in my mini.

Her name is Jade Tyler.

Jordan hanging on my door.
Soo Cute.

Materials Needed

Faux Leather or Vinyl 
Sewing machine if you have one
Loop (optional)

Now Let's Begin!
First, your going to fold your leather in half and measure 19 inches on the fold, side to side and 15 inches, up and down. At the bottom of the fold you're going to measure 3 inches in and 3 inches down. Like picture below, and cut both squares out.

Like below..

You're also going to cut 2, 25-27 inches long
 straps for the tote.

All pieces together.

Fold strap in half and sew along both sides leaving about 2 inches unsewn.

The only changes I made is that I didn't open the straps.
I just sewn them on squared and attached my straps on first. 
On the video she opened the straps I didn't like how it looked on my mini.

After straps are on.

Turn outside in..

I also added a loop for my purse charm and keys. 

Sew the loop inside the sides of the tote.
DO NOT, sew the cut square portion.

Only sew up to the edge. 

After sewn sides, pull the side of square together to make a straight line.
Sew on line to close tote.

Do the same on the other side.

Turn inside out and there you have it..
Picture of my loop and clip for my keys or charm.

Picture of bottom.. 

Picture of Jordan and the mini. 
Now my baby girl uses it for her things.. 

I hope you liked my DIY Tote To Go!!
If you like, please try it and leave a comment telling me what you think about it.

Until Next Time...


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