It's Back, Episode 4 Project Runway Review..

Hey Everyone!!!
I was soo wrong when I thought you all weren't interested in my views of this season's Project Runway. I'm sorry about that, it won't ever ever happen again.
It goes to show me, if your not leaving comments doesn't mean your not looking..
My Sincerest Apologies!

 Project Runway
 Fashion Flip

Episode starts with everyone sitting in their rooms talking about what happen on the last episode.
Amanda's still not understanding what the judges want, just like all of us are being totally confused with the judges and their horrible decisions..
All Shade!!! 

It's the MARY KAY Challenge.
Tim introduces us to Global  Mary Kay Makeup Artist Luis Casco and talks about Iconic Designs such as the pencil skirt, the wrap dress and the trench coat just to name a few. 
The designers had to take the Iconic Designs, modernize and bring their own interpretations to it.

They also have to work with Luis and come up with an Iconic Makeup as well.
The winner will have an exclusive Mary Kay ad inside of Marie Claire Magazine and when $5000 in cash. Go-head Mary Kay!!!

Everybody's off to their 1st trip to Mood after sketching..

$250 and 45 minutes to shop.
Give me $250 move out of the way and I'll show you all the damage I can do..
One day I can't wait to just pet, Swatch!! 
It's my dream.... 

I'm soo over Blake at this moment that I'm not discussing anything about how fake he is.. 
But I Digress..

Focus Mrs. Atallah!
Here's MY opinion on the Runway...  

Candice leather dress was sexy but that coat was not what I was envisioning when we saw it back at Parson's. It had more of a flared bottom, almost peplum like and I HATE peplum but I though it looked better than what we saw on the runway.

As you can see the Model didn't like it either. That's why she took it off.

Top 3 and SAFE

Lindsey 3 pieces were BORING!! 
I just don't understand any innovation at all in the skirt, top and long swing jacket that was 2 sizes too big for the model, very dis-proportioned.   
She really thought that she could win..
I think not!!!! 

Bottom 3 and SAFE

Gabrielle's dress was a Monstrosity, all that time complaining about how much you hate your dress you should have been sewing it. I think worrying got the best of her because of last weeks critique with Amanda. Still, it was a straight dress, 2 panels, that's it with a little pink netting on the shoulders and that didn't come out right. The hem was all chewed up the top was a mess girl, you should have gone home.

I give you this, that jacket was really cute. I, myself really liked it, but the judges didn't.

Bottom 3 and LOSER

Alot of the ladies in my sew group really liked Swapnil's dress.
Heidi fell in love with it, she always like to be naked. 
 I can tell you I like the front more that the back. 

Top 3 and SAFE

Amanda's throwing  SHADE at Candice about her confidence and her mediocre style.
Sweetie worry about your boring dress.
Y'all already know GOD don't like ugly and he isn't to keen on cute.

What kind of wrap dress it this mess? We have beginner sewers in our groups that will sew circles around this ugly dress.

Bottom 3 and SAFE

Ashley's dress was nice, but nothing great to write home about.


The judges thought Blake's dress was the best thing since sliced bread.
I thought is was very confusing and Swapnil should had never helped me. Even Tim was confused by it in the sewing room. I would never, ever make a dress like this for anyone or myself.. 

Top 3 and WINNER!!

I didn't like Edmond's Jacket at all. It was too Vampira liking to me. 


Jake made a 2 panel very short sequin dress with a #9 on it. 
 Are we on a video shoot or Project Runway. How in the hell can he be safe?
You tell me...


I'm not going to lie. I don't like Joseph's Grandma Sookie Soul and you already know how I feel about peplums, but I thought this was the best dress by far.  


Kelly's take on a white tee was very cute.
 I understood and love her concept and execution.


Laurie's top looked like a Altar Boys Rob or a Painter Smock cut in half.. 


The first time I saw Merline's jacket I liked it, but doing further investigating. 
I found it really confusing, just like I feel about the judges this week.


This week the Designer's and the Judges confused the hell out of me.
This week everyone failed at being innovative and modern.
When we watch PR we want to be inspired and amazed, instead we got boring and bland.

Thanks for joining me..
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