My Over-sized Structured Hobo Bag Tutorial

Hey Everyone!
I posted this Structure Hobo Bag on my FB Sewing groups pages and told you all that I would be posting the tutorial up this afternoon..
Well without any further adieu..

Here it is...

First let me tell you how she came about..
I was looking through Etsy and came across a similar hobo bag but alot less structured and it had me thinking that if I had enough faux leather to make another, yes another bag..
I love bags, I will never ever have enough of bags in my arsenal

Another thing, I make these tutorials solely for myself, not for profit or gain. 
When I make these tutorials and give your the videos in which I use please, please don't take these tutorials and try to sale them as your own.
OK! Now after that Public Service Announcement.. 
Make sure you READ this tutorial all the way through for my tips to make a better bag for yourself.

Let get it on...
I haven't named her yet, but that doesn't mean that I love any less than the others, 

Another view of her on my dress form to give you an idea of how big she really is.. 

Materials needed:

Leather or faux leather
Lobster clip
(both from and old purse I had)
Sewing machine

First get a large piece of paper cut the shape of your purse.
I used and old purse I had all ago. My purse dimensions are
21 x 21 and the bag's handle is 7 and a half inches long.
The width of the handle is 4 inches but you are going to fold it in half.
If you cut the whole circle you don't have to do this part.

Leave a comment below if you need more info on it.

Trace your bag and cut it out to transfer to faux leather.

Transfer on the fold of the faux leather.

Make 2 of these.

If I were you I would extend the handles and cut them on the fold as well.
It will be much easier for you just to sew it altogether and not have to put on a handle like I did..
Waste of damn time, but you live and learn.. 

Measure the length and width of your phone and cut twice as long and about 2 inches wider than your phone.

Sew up sides like the picture below and then your going to trace the bottom circle of you armhole.

Your going to cut and sew pocket inside of bag.

It should look like this.

 I stole the clip and loop from my same old purse and attached the faux leather around them. 

Attach Loop to middle front of bag and Attach Clip in between the pocket and back of the purse. 

Just like this..
Now sew bag all together and turn inside out. 

Sorry I didn't take a picture of me attaching the handle. I suggest you do what I said before about the handle and create the entire circle.

Closer look of handle..

Front side of handle, you see what I'm saying.
Your bag would be alot nicer if you complete the whole circle of the armhole.

Closer look at loop and clip..

And there you have it..


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