DIY Jil Sander Inspired Pyramid Mini Bag.

Hey Everyone!
I just received this faux croc leather in the mail yesterday and as soon as I looked at it, I know exactly what I wanted to do. I'd been eyeing Jil Sander's purses and clutches and knew I had to make something inspired from her beautiful collections.   

It took about 3 1/2 hours to make and was really easy once you get your pattern down,,
She's not very big but big enough for your phone, makeup, money and keys to fit in just fine..

Here's another view of her..
I need to make one in every color..

This is the original Jil Sander's purse based on the replica. 
Jil Sander Square Evening Wristlet
 Materials needed:

Not even a 1/2 of yard of faux or vinyl of your choice.
Purse Accessories of your choice.
Loop Ring
Loop Clip

Let's begin. 
Cut 2 pieces of paper 6 x 6 

With one of the 6 x 6 paper. Put a dot in the middle of the page and take a ruler and run and line from the bottom to the end making a triangle.

Cut lines to make shape of Triangle

 Cut 4 Triangles and 1 Square.

Putting 2 side Triangles together.
Sew zipper to attach Triangles.

Close up

Both Triangles together.
Make sure you sew along side of zipper.

Accessories I've stolen from an old purse..

Attach another side triangle.

Cut a little piece of of faux leather to attach loop.

Cut a 10" long piece of faux leather, fold long ways and sew together
Loop clip in faux leather.

Push both ends together and sew on top.

It should look like this..

Add the loop and faux leather along the side triangle.

Put last triangle on top and sew together.

It should look like this.

Sew pieces together to make a pyramid

Sew bottom square to the bottom.
Remember to unzip to turn inside out, when finish.

Bottom close up

Turn it inside out.
There you have it..
She's Adorable...

Bottom of bag..

Close view of zipper and tassel..

 Bag is very easy to open as you can see..

Last Picture..

I hope you've enjoyed my "Inspired" Tutorial.
Let me know if they're any other bags you'd like me to make..
Leave your comments below and thanks again for coming to my blog..

Until Next Time....


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