No More Project Runway Review..

Hi Everyone! 
I'm here to let you know that I'm discontinuing the Project Runway Review Weekly Blog..
Due to the low volume of looks. I decided not to put my energy in it. 
Plus, if you have the internet you can see it the next day.

If you'd like me to start back reviewing, please comment below.
 I may bring it back.. 

I just want to leave you with this one thing..

Blake and Kelly were ROBBED!

"My" Best Garment of the week and winner was this.
You can't tell me that they weren't the Winner.
This jumpsuit was Beautiful, Elegant, and made a Hell of a Statement and will be recreated my moi!

I just don't understand how this wasn't at least one of the top looks.

Blake and Kelly Greek Isle Inspired Look was every bit of Grecian Goddess.

Actual Winner.
No Shade
Yes! Shade 
Ashley and Candice made a Fabulous Venetian Inspired Look but I was pissed because of the fit of the pant and every bit of  Kelly and Blake was perfection. 

I just don't understand judges.

Until Next Time...


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