Black Bolero/Shrug and High-Waisted Pant Simplicity 1371

Hey Everyone! 
I know some of you remember me posting this jacket on Facebook a couple of days ago. 
Well here it is and I also made a pant to go with it.. 

It's not a tutorial, sorry about that guys. My phone is acting up and it's about time to get a new one. Can you believe the phone won't charge? I'm actually sharing a battery with my husband, so if he's at work and I need to take pictures and my battery is dead. I'm stuck like chuck until he comes home.. 

First, I just want to say. I hope that this was alright for me to post this on my blog. I apologize if I have offend anyone and will take this down immediately. But this is one of my first You Tubers that I've ever followed. This beautiful and talented young woman taught me a whole alot about sewing her short time here on earth and still has a cult following, myself included. I can remember years ago "trying" to make the striped Shrug and Batwing dress, even thought about trying vegan cookies, LOL! She made everything look soo easy. I would watch her videos over and over again, step by step until I got it right and it would come out just like she said it would. She was and still is an inspiration to all of us. I remember going to her channel almost everyday looking for new videos and getting mad when there wasn't any.. Now you know. LOL! She made all of her instructions easy to follow and wasn't afraid to share her gift. I loved all of her inspirational verses at the end of her videos as well. This beautiful being is truly missed by all of her followers in the sewing community..   

Bless you Beautiful Butterfly!!! 

I used her video below to make my top but didn't use the ties. 
I put those on my pants.. 

Click on Video to see how the top was made. 

The pant I used was Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 1371 View C Pant, but added the ties from the jacket. I really loved the this look. Now ask me where am I going in this. Nowhere, but I'm going to find somewhere to go an take a picture for you all. I read alot of review on this pant an alot of you said this pant runs funny, even tighter. My plan was to size up and trim down and it really worked out perfect. Always remind ladies, you can cut down fabric but never add fabric. I didn't a cut the length, I left it below the ankle and it looks really sexy way. I also put the zipper in the front instead on the side. 

I used the same techno scuba knit I in my lace skirt. 
Click the link below for tutorial.

It's not your typical scuba, it's more of a rayon knit in my opinion. 

Techno Scuba Knit Black

 Pant with jacket off..

Closer view

Even closer view

Close up view of waistband and pocket of pant.. 
The fit of these pants are very nice and I will be making more of these. I saw the cutest fabric at Wally World today with my daughter that would be absolutely incredible in this pattern, actually 2.
Note to self, go to Wally World tomorrow. 

Said the woman who's getting a package delivered tomorrow from
Just don't tell my hubby.

I added the band around the neckline to give the Bolero/Shrug and more refine look.
I really recommend you giving this top a try, I bet you'll love it. 
MeeshaTV videos are soo easy to follow. 

Close View of Front

Back view of Bolero/Shrug Jacket.

Side View of Outfit.. 

Closer View of Bolero/Shrug
Sorry about the glare of the necklace.

It's soo nice in person, this picture isn't doing it justice.

Front side view of the Bolero/Shrug

Arm of jacket, which gives this Bolero/Shrug such a beautiful flow. 

Another View of Front. 

Thanks for stopping back by, share and leave a comment if you'd like. 
Later this week I'll be posting a TBT outfit I made years ago but haven't finished. 
It's soo cute and great for fall.

Until Next Time..


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