Circle Purse for Kids Tutorial.. Nile's Addition....

Hey Everyone!!
This little cutie is something I whipped up of my baby girl, Nile. 
She's a carbon copy of her mother.
We love makeup, shoes, purses, perfume, clothes, spas and everything feminine, girly, she-she foo-foo.. We love it all!! 
She asked me, why haven't I made her a purse and that she'd also like to add to her collect. Well I have to oblige her, she has square purses, heart shaped, rectangle purses, but not a round purse, so I had to make one for her..

I can't tell a lie, it's not as round as I would have liked it to be, but she loves it and that's all what matters. She's the one that suggested that I put a fuchsia zipper on it.
Fashionista in the Making..

She loves my macaroon purse charm I purchased from eBay, so we looked and she had to get this one for hers it was only $5. Soo Cute!! I think I need to get me one, maybe in a black.

Soo Cute!!

My Macaroon Charm

I used some parts of this tutorial from the cutest You Tuber named Craft Amy.
She's soo fun and I just love all of her cute DIY's.
I didn't add the slices and only made it one color.
Click on the video below..

Crafty Amy 

Materials Needed:

Faux Leather
Purse Charm (optional)

I already had these faux leather circles for my Hobo Bag.
Click the link below to see the Hobo Bag..

I used this really old scrap fabric for the lining.. 
Guess who picked it..

I used and bowl to draw a circle and cut 2 out. 

I did the same to the lining. 
Cut 2

First measure the top part of the circle where the zipper will be.
Mark it off. 

Then measure the bottom part that won't have the zipper.
11 inches 

You determine the with of your bag. 
Nile's bag width was 3 inches all the way around but I added an 1/2 of an inch on both sides for seam allowance. Measure bottom of bag and and cut out one 11 x 4 strip.

You can see below it for the bottom..

Then you're going to cut 9 x 11 strip and cut in half.
Remember Seam Allowance!!

The halves will be for the zipper part.

Add Zipper then Top Stitch. 

I added lining by sewing the fabric onto the faux leather. 

Like this..

Measure and make straps to your measurements. 

Sew strap to the beginning and end of zipper.

Like this.. 

Sew the bottom half e to the top half of the purse.

It should be one complete circle.

Now attach the round sides to the purse. 

Go slow, don't rush. 
This is a very small purse and it was a hassle, but a fun one.  

All sewn together.

Top view of side sewn together.

Side view of sides attached. 

Turn purse inside out.

And there you have it..  
You can see how small the bag is from my hands. 

Sew Cute!! 
It wasn't a perfectly rounded as I thought it would be, but all that matters is that she loves it.. 

I actually have a picture of her with the bag on but my phone is not charging and I can't find my battery to my camera.
You know I am MAD AS HELL.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and maybe one day you can try it and let me know if you like it.
It was soo fun to make, I had a little bumps along the way but all in all it's very cute and she loves it ..

Until Next Time...


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