Easy and Sassy Lace Skirt Tutorial

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with another easy project for you.
It's a Sassy Lace Skirt with a knit scuba skirt underneath and waistband.
Sorry the picture isn't doing it justice, it's really pretty on and would be great for a Sexy Date Night with my hubby or even a fun Club Night with my girls. 

This is my inspiration picture. 
I always wanted to make one but didn't find the lace that I really liked. 
I like lace but not flowery lace, and thought this was perfect for the project. It was supposed to be used in a totally different project but I didn't have enough.

30 Chic and Stylish Interview Outfits for Ladies: 30 Chic and Stylish Interview Outfits for Ladies

All of the fabric were purchased at Fabric.com links and pictures below..

Techno Scuba Knit Black

Designer Crochet Lace Black

Let's begin!

Materials Needed

1 yard of lace 
1/2 yard of underlining fabric

First, I used a skirt I made that I loved and traced it. 
I folded the lace so that the finished edge could be the bottom of my skirt, so I wouldn't have to hem the skirt. 

Lay flat and trace.
As you see at the bottom of the picture no need to hem.

Sew up both sides.

A closer look at the bottom.
Very pretty.

Now you're going to cut your underlining fabric.
  Do the same but make it as high or low as you want and sew. 
I wrapped my scuba knit around me and made a seem up the back, then hem.
I really need a new pair of scissors.

Now you're going to put the underlining inside the lace and sew all around the top.

I also made a little waistband.
Sorry no picture, my phone was charging. 

I pulled the elastic through the waistband and closed the waistband up.

Closeup of waistband.

Even closer look of crochet lace.
Sew Pretty!!

Closer up.

Sorry that the picture aren't doing it justice.

Last picture of her. 

If you have any questions or need clearer guidance, please feel free and leave a comment below..
Thanks Again!

Until Next Time..


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