Dollar Tree $7 DIY Cactus Globe Terrarium

Hey Everyone!
Well today I have an easy $7 DIY for you.
I was looking at Pinterest the other day a saw the cutest cactus plants.
Well I'm not a flower or cactus girl, I literally kill every plant I come in contact with. You can say I have a "Black Thumb", LOL!  No Seriously.

I'm either in Walmart, Target or the Dollar Tree and came across these faux cacti, well you already know my mind started churning. I picked up 3 glass vases in different sizes, 3 cacti all different and a bag of rocks. It took about 5 minutes from start to finish and the results are very dramatic and realistic. It would look nice in your bathroom, on a side table, on a shelf, just about anywhere. Dollar Tree has alot of easy, fun and cheap DIY projects that's just waiting for me to make.. 

Aren't They Cute!!!

Here's another look at them.. 

This is my inspiration picture. 
When I find a glass containers with the hole on the side, I will be making me alot and putting them around my home.. 

how to plant cacti in terrariums:

Things you need:

Faux Cactus

1 Bag of Rocks

3 Glass Bowls or Vases
Mine are Small, Medium and Large

Pour the rocks into the glass bowl.

Pull the Cactus out of its container. It should be really easy, Just trim the stem and stick in rocks. 

So easy and cute.. 

Another look 

The cactus colors are soo vibrant. 

I really had a hard time choosing 3.

Last One..

I hope you've enjoyed my easy, fun and fast Cactus globe terrarium DIY and only $7 bucks.
You can't beat that price to add a little beauty in your home.. 

Until Next Time..


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