Project Runway Review Season 14 Episode 6 Lingerie Addition

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Season 14 Episode 6 Review Coming At You.

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Project Runway



This episode starts off with Ashley being ready for the new challenge and showing what she can do. 
It's a New Dawn
It's a New Day 
 New Challenge and She's Feeling Good from last week where those tramps threw her under the bus..

Sew we step inside the Runway and see all of these Mannequins with Lingerie along with beautiful pictures of Heidi in Lingerie.

Challenge is to make a bra and pantie set.

The winning look will be reproduce and be apart of Heidi Lingerie Collection. 
This is definitely a women's challenge, we know what we like on and what to see on our bodies. 
I thought we did, but looking at these camel toe panties and front thongs really had me wondering..

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Look at Nina's Dress and Heidi's shoes. 

Heidi gives the designs a twist, she tells them they also have to make a sexy cover-up for their sets. 
They even let the designers sleep on the runway, 
Soo Fun!!!

Runway Time

Ashley's Lingerie was really nice, the bra was dainty and sweet. I think the bra would be really nice for full figure women. She really thought about us, Big Boobed Girls and our comfort, support and sexiness. Her panties were really nice, they made her model butt look fantastic.


When Heidi and Tim came to critique Candice look, Heidi ask if she was making a whip for her too. 
Too Dominatrix-y!
So she went back to the drawing board and came up with this.

 This version was everything to me. The only thing that I didn't like was that pop of yellow. 
Another color would have put it on top for me. She wanted her girl to feel sexy under her clothes. I would definitely feel really sexy in that, I really need to make me some.  


Why did Edmond do this to this child? 
He better be lucky to have won the last challenge.
I really think the immunity saved him.
His first set Heidi called Edmond, "Captain Tacky"
So he started over from scratch.
Could you tell me why he put the strip across the front bottom?
A Hot Mess!!!


 Jake's set was cute, boring but cute for a teenager or college student. 
My oldest daughter Tatiana would look soo cute in this. 


Joseph's set was soo elegant to me. 
He brought grandma up to cougar.
We're getting better, Joseph..


Kelly needs to stop Jimmy Rigging these garments. 
Kelly set looks just like her, Tacky!!


I see that Laurie and Merline are really starting to warm up to each other. 
I'm soo glad to see them together. 
When Tim and Heidi came to Laurie's table, her panties were nice to me.
 They were soo sexy without the strap on top, but they discourage her and now it looks like she has camel toe all of the way to her stomach. 
The Horror!!!


Heidi really liked how Lindsey cut some of the bra off at the top to make it a little more feminine.
Poor Lindsey cut the hell out of her finger with her scissors earlier that day, but managed to make the sweet and sexy set. It was a little Victoria Secret inspired to me.
But Nice..


Swapnil set was inspired by Madonna, bondage and straps.
The sketch was right up my alley, until I actually saw it. 
Too Many Straps and it looked nothing like the drawing. 


Straight out of the gate Blake was having issues with the challenge. 
To me he was taking it as a joke. He made a front thong for the poor model. 
80's inspired, Baywatch babe, Coming up. 
Don't let me tell you about her droopy bra, it really made her breast look saggy and this child doesn't have any. 


Congrats to Merline!!

Merline look around the room and saw that everyone was putting material on top of the bra. 
She actually created a bra, she didn't use the bra that was given to them.
This would be perfect for a hot a weekend date with your mister and a night he won't ever forget. 
I couldn't wear it, my "girls" can't fit in that. 


I hope you've enjoyed this Project Runway, 
Lingerie Addition.. 

Until Next Time....


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