A Day of Phyllo!! Greek Inspired Dishes

Hi Everybody!
Day before yesterday, I made Chicken Souvlaki, 
Tabbouleh and Tzatziki Sauce with Pita Bread and posted it on my one of my FB Groups. 
Well, I received about 100 likes on the picture and alot of inquiries on Greek food. 
Here's a couple of "Greek" dishes using Phyllo Dough.

I also posted a dish called Spanokopita. 
Below is the recipe for it.
My family really loves is and I hope you will too.

Look at the golden, flaky, buttery crust.. 

Here is the dish on my FB page.. 
Soo Delicious..


Phyllo Dough
Frozen or Fresh Spinach
Butter alot
Feta Cheese

I used frozen spinach and let it drain an hour before I start cooking.
Per heat oven to 350 degrees
Saute onions, garlic and seasoning.

Make sure you let Phyllo dough thaw all the way and keep a moist towel over the portion not used. 

Lay out 2 sheets of P/D sheets on wax paper or foil.
Butter sheets with brush.
Lay 2 more P/D sheets.
Then 2 more sheets

Put cooked spinach about 1/3 up from top. 

Add Feta Cheese.

Then Roll
Look at all of that butter.

Make sure you fold the ends.
Then butter top. 

Put in oven and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Cut and Enjoy...

If you liked that recipe,
Maybe you'll love this as well.

This isn't Greek, but I used Phyllo Dough.

I wrap Brie in Phyllo..
I go crazy over Brie, I can eat it all by myself, but I don't my girls love it too.
It's also great for parties, paired with a good Chardonnay or Riesling 
Served it with grapes and these little buddies. 
I forgot the name of.. too busy thinking about wine.. lol.

I used this Brie, you can get it at Walmart for about $4.00

All you need to do it follow the same steps as the Spanokopita.
Put Brie in middle and fold really neatly over the brie.

You see, nice and neat..

Bake for about 15 mins or until golden brown..
Let it set for about 10 minutes,
Look how gooey it is.. 

Last one, I promise...
 These are my Spanokopita Triangles 

Everything's the same but instead of rolling the Phyllo

You're cutting the Phyllo into strips and folding it like a flag..

Don't forget to butter those babies up..
Same oven temperature for about 15-18 or until golden brown..

I hope you try these dishes and let me know how they came out..
If there's any dishes you'd like me to make or try feel free to leave me a comment..

Until Next Time...


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