Spa Essentials: DIY Body Powder

Hey Everyone!
I know I'm a day late but you know the life of a Homemaker is never done. I'm really working on a project and so focused on that, I almost forgotten about Spa Essentials.
I trust me, I have a good one for you.
This is a very easy DIY that anybody can do. 

It's my DIY Scented Body Powder...

Supplies needed:

2 Cups Corn Starch
Old Perfume ( Used Nile's Perfume) LOL
Cotton Balls
Puff or Brush
Ziploc Bag

Measure 2 Cups of Corn Starch and put in Ziploc bag.

I know it looks a little gross but trust me it's worth it..

Get 3 cotton balls and spray about 30-35 times into each cotton balls. 
I used my baby daughter's perfume, I buy her the knock-off versions of my perfume, if I didn't she would used all of my good stuff.. 
That's what I get when you raise a mini me.

Put cotton balls in the bag and shake.
Keep in bag for about 3 days, shaking 2 a day.

I used my Total Face Brush and it works well..

 On my last blog next week I'll be doing a DIY on a softening Milk Bath with Rose Water.. 

 I hope you've enjoyed this Spa Essential and want to make it and tell me if you like it or not, I do!

Until Next Time...


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