Vanilla Honey Chamomile Bath Cruffles and a Surprise..

Hey Everyone!!!
It's Spa Essential Friday..
Don't they look like Cookies and Truffles, that's why I named them Cruffles and they smell great too.. 

Vanilla, Honey and Chamomile Cruffles
OMG!! Delicious.. 
I'm sorry, I didn't show you step by step but I assure you, you will love them.

Close View of the Cruffles..
Sew cute....


1 1/2 Cups Baking Soda
1/2 Cup Critic Acid
1 Cup Epsom Salt
4 TBS Shea Butter (melted)
4 Tea Bags of your choosing, I choose Honey, Vanilla and Chamomile. Use 2 for dry mix and 2 for outside of Cruffle..
2 tsp Vanilla.

Mix all dry ingredients together and melt Shea Butter.
 Slowly pour Shea Butter in dry ingredients 1 TBS at a time, mixing with your hands. 
When you can squeeze mixture and it makes a ball and holds it shape.. 
It should be a cookie dough consistency, roll into ball and on plate pour the other 2 packets of tea on plate and round Cruffle in it. 
Put in dry cool area for about 2 days.

There you have it..


Mind you it's a little messy in the tub but the smell alone will make you forget .. 


I have another Spa Essential for you to try...
I posted this picture on my FB page as a TEA-SER for you all.

Soothing Bath Teas!!

Aren't they cute... 

1/2 Cup Epsom Salt
1/2 Cup Chamomile Tea
1/2 Cup Oatmeal
1/2 Baking Soda
1/4 Cup Powdered Milk
1 TBS Vanilla
Coffee Filters

All of these have great properties for your skin.

Epsom Salt- detoxifies and softens skins.
Chamomile- reduces aches and pains, plus promotes sleep and reduces stress.
Oatmeal- soothes and nourishes, moisturizes, helps remove dead skin.
Baking Soda- softens skins.
Powdered Milk- smooths and softens skin..  

Mix all together..

Smooth out Coffee Filter.

Add 1/4 cup of mixture in C/F.

Fold length way..

Fold C/F over, again.

Fold like an envelop to close..

Make your own labels and staple together.. 

You should be able to make 10 Bath Teas. 
I did... 
I use 2 Bath Teas at a time. You can use one if you like. 
These are also great for Gifts.. 

 Hope you like my Spa Essentials Cruffles and Bath Teas tutorial. 
Try them out and let me know if you like them. 

Be sure to check out my next blog, Spa Essentials: Kids Edition.

Until Next Time...


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