I'm Up At 4:23 AM!!!!

Cheers Everyone!!
I'm up at 4:23 in the morning.
4:23 am

So I decided to show you what I doing up at this hour.
First up, My Sangria for one!!!!
I used White Merlot with lemon. lime and peaches.. 
So Refreshing...

Next up is Steam Artichoke..
They taste soo good with flavored butter.

I used garlic powder, garlic salt and pepper to season the butter.
So Decadent!

Last up is Hoagie Buns.
Quick tip:
I don't know if any of you know it but when you put the hoagie in the bake.
Throw about 10 ice cubes in the oven, nothing will happen to your oven, I promise. The ice creates a a steam oven in which it makes the crust nice and tender. 
OMG...  So Delicious!! 

Made the Hoagie Buns for the Meatball Subs.. 
If you look closely, you can she that I flavored my hoagie bun with Italian Seasoning.. 

It was soo soft and chewy.. 

 Until Next Time..


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