DIY Exfoliating Coffee Scrub Soap....

Hi everyone!!!
During the month of July, every Friday I'll be posting my DIY Spa Essentials.
Like most women, I love going to the Spa and getting pamper. My girlfriends and I used to "Spa Hop" that means testing out all of the Spas around the Dallas Area.. 
It was soo fun relaxing with the girls for the whole day. First, we'd meet at the spa, scrubbed down, facial-ed up and everything in-between, then go out eat feeling like we just walked out on heaven.
One time we even had a great lunch at the spa.. I really miss those times.
Now that I'm a SAHM, it's not often I get to hang with the girls and go "Spa Hoping". 
So, I've created my own "Spa Essentials" for days when I need a little extra loving on myself. 

First up is my Coffee Scrub Soap..
It's great for your whole body including those thighs, that can get a little rough sometimes.. 
It may be a little messy in the tub after the water drains but your body feels amazing and lifted with just one use.. 

Melt and Pour Soap (I used goat milk and olive oil)
2 Tbs Coconut oil
1 tsp L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) optional
1/2 cup of Coffee Grinds (used)
1/2 tsp of Coffee Extract
1 Tbs Shea Butter

Cut about 4-8 squares of each M&P soap.
Melt in microwave or over a double boiler.

Making sure it's smooth and melted

Add coconut oil
Mix until dissolved

Add the L-Ascorbic mix well.
Let me share with you a little bit about L-Ascorbic. It helps reserve skin damage from sun and  stimulate collagen for tighter skin. It metabolizes skin cells, which causes the skins to exfoliate and repair itself. 

Mix well

Add Coffee Grinds
Mix Well

Below is a the 100% Shea Butter I used and all of its properties. 

Add Shea Butter

Mix Well

Pour in Molds and let set for a couple of hours or overnight.. 

Pop them out of the molds when solid and enjoy your exfoliating Coffee Scrub Soap.. 

I hope you like my easy exfoliating soap and try the recipe.
You can add any fragrance you'd like, maybe vanilla, hazelnut or even peppermint.
I just went for the coffee extract because I love the smell of a hot cup of coffee in the morning to pick me up..

Until Next Time...
Soap It Chic.......


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