Spa Essentials: My Fun Kids Edition..

Hi Everyone!
Most of you who have kids, especially girls, loves to do what mom does but due to alot of ingredients you don't want to irritate there sensitive skin.. 
So here's a fun way to include them in Spa Essential month..
These are my "LUSH" Inspired Shower Jellies.
Just put a couple of pieces unto a loofah and lather up..

Don't they remind you of Sea Glass.
Soo Pretty!!
Close Up...


1 Pack Clear Gelatin
1/2 Shower Gel
1 Tsp Salt
Food coloring (optional)
1 Cup Hot Water

In a bowl, pour gelatin in it.

Add 1 cup of boiling water.
Mix until dissolved.

Add 1/2 cup of shower gel. 
I added 2 of these 1/4 scoops.

Mix until dissolved.

Add 1 drop of food coloring

Mix until dissolved

Add 1 Tsp of salt. 

Put in refrigerator for about 4 hours or until jello has set.

Pull jello from sides of bowl and turn bowl upside down.
Jello should fall out easily.

Cut jello in small pieces. 

Like this.

Then cut that in half. 
They look just like sea glass. 

Soo Pretty..

I also did a Peaches and Cream Shower Jelly.

Using the same steps, only difference is I added powdered milk. 
I made sure I mixed it well and also strained it.

Slice it

Then slice again..

I hope you enjoyed my Spa Essentials: Kid Edition... 
Nile doesn't want me to touch her Shower Jellies. 
She actually got made when I mixed them together.
 I made sure I put them back they way it was.. 

Here are some of my DIY Spa Essentials.. 
If there's any Spa Treatment you'd like me to recreate feel free to leave me a message.. 

Make them yourself, you deserve to have your own Home Spa.. 

Until Next Time...
Spa It Chic!!!!!


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