Spa Essentials: Green Tea Moisturizing Body Scrub

H i Everyone!!
It's Spa Essentials Month and today's Spa Essential is 
this very soothing and moisturizing Green Tea Body Scrub..


1 1/4 Cup Epsom Salt
2 Green Tea Bags
1/8 Cup Coconut Oil
1/8 Cup Olive Oil
12-15 Drops of Essential Oil

Epsom Salt- is a great exfoliant for your skin..

Green Tea- helps with acne and gives the skin a youthful glow.

I combined 1/8 Coconut oil and 1/8 Olive oil.
Coconut Oil- Soothes and moisturizes 
Olive Oil-helps repair and renews

Lemon Oil- Uplifts the mood and is used for Memory and Clarity.

I used 2 Lipton Green Tea Bags.

Combine all ingredients:
It smells soo refreshing. 

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I want you to smell this soo bad..

After you've scrubbed your body and feel all tingly and refreshed.
Make yourself a nice cup of Green Tea.
I sat on my couch, looked at Hannibal and sipped Green Tea w/Jasmine.
Feeling Good!!

Until Next Time....


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