Easy Corn Dog Pops..

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with an easy and fun way to make lunch or dinner for your family.
I try my best not to cook or do as less a possible on Friday's. Growing up my mother never cooked on Fridays, it was every man for himself. Not saying we didn't have any food in the house, we just had to carry our butts in the kitchen and make something for ourselves. My mother worked really late on Fridays at her beauty salon and was not about to come home and cook for us.. 
Even though I am a SAHM, I still carry that tradition in my home. 
I make something that takes little to no effort on Fridays.. 

Friday and Saturday was Corn Dog Pops with Garlicky Fries..
The kids love them and you will too.


Jiffy Corn Bread
Turkey Sausage
Cake Pop Maker

For 1 box of Corn bread use 4 Turkey wieners.
I used 3, mistake.

Cut wieners in in bits and microwave for about 30 seconds. 

Put wieners in corn bread mixture. 

 Add to cake pop maker, leave for about 4 minutes and there you have it.. 

Close view of corn dog pops.

Easy Corn Dog Pops with Garlicky Fries 

I hope you've enjoyed this easy and fun way to make dinner for your family.

Until Next Time...


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