Sew-Back Thursday!! Scraps Edition Tutorial

Hey Everyone!
You all know what day it is....
It's Sew-Back Thursday!!!!

Well here's the story, I'm working on another project for the end of July but something told me to put it down. So I put my project down and cleared everything out of the way. Turned my head to the right and saw leopard fabric. I took it out and pulled it open. Now what can I do with this?  
I know, do I still have my black vinyl.. 
Now what can I do with these Scraps.
I know and here she is...

Click on the link below of my Sew-Back Thursday: The Purse Edition

Below are the skirts from which the scraps came from..

Vinyl Skirt

Leopard Skirt

Supply's Needed:


Cut your fabric the size you like and at the bottoms ends.
Measure vinyl any size you like, I made mine in squares.

Then cut the squares in half

I cut 4, for the front and back bottom.

You see..
All measured and ready to be sewn on. 

 Make sure you put the interfacing on before you sew the vinyl on.

The interfacing makes the fabric stronger for sewing on vinyl.
I also stitched around the fabric for even more stability. 

Vinyls on..

Pulled vinyl down and make sure you sew it down.

Sew vinyl down

Another pic of sewn down vinyl.

Measure lining

Sew zipper onto fabric.

Bottom view of zipper

Now sew all 3 sides together..
Making sure you leave the zipper opened a little.

View of view zipper.

Cut bottom of pouch..

 Turn inside out!
And there you have it...

 Bottom of pouch..

You can also fold it over and make it a clutch...

I hope you've enjoyed this Sew-Back Tutorial..

Until Next Time...


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