Unfinished Project... Complete!!

Hey Everyone!!
I finally have an unfinished project..... FINISHED!!!
To tell you the truth, I forgotten about this skirt until I closed the door in my sewing room and my eyes popped. I ran and took it off the hanger, I usually don't finish projects because my weight fluctuates and I finish my garment usually when I need them. 

I bought the fabric at Wally World about two and a half years, saw it purchased about 3 yards and knew she'd be a Beautiful Below The Knee Circle Skirt..
She flowy, full and flirty. I can't wait to put her on..

I posted this picture below on some of my FB sewing groups not really giving details.. 
I just love teasing people and having fun and showing my end project.
I didn't use a pattern to make this skirt I searched YT and followed the instructions and wanted her to have volume and high waisted.

Below is the FB picture..
I just needed to hem..

Then I realized she need to buttons on the waistband.. 
Close up of the button and pocket. 

Hemming done!!!

Side view of all the Volume.. 

Until Next Time...


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