ThrowBack Thursday.. Memories

Hey everyone! 
It's Throwback Thursday and I was just thinking back to see how much my girls have grown. My oldest daughter, Tatiana is taking the picture, she's my beauty queen. I'm holding on to little Nile because I know at any moment she would dart right into the water. Still til this day, she's the fearless one. Laila's the middle is the silent and observant one. Very conscious where we moves, just like a chess player. This picture was taken about 6 years ago in Mississippi while visiting my oldest daughter. I'm originally I from New Orleans but we moved to Dallas in 2004.

I'm not really a picture taker, never have and never will be. 
I don't like it. No Reason, it's just me.

Here's another beautiful picture that my oldest Tatiana took.
I know she needs to go into photography.
I actually have this picture enframed on my shelf. 

My hubby and my mom, when she came to see us on her Birthday about 2 years ago.

That's me and my girls about 5 years ago.. 
Everybody's all grown now.
I miss those times.

I've always been a Fashionista.
Me with the bow tie and the big smile and my beautiful cuz..

Last one!
My best girls and I went on a Fabulous cruise and we have a great time. 
I was feeling myself, lots of drinks and great company..

Until Next Time...
Make Memories Chic!!!!!


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